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Kosher Wine

The Ultimate Kosher Winery List

Winemaking in Israel stretches back thousands of years, and wine culture provides the backdrop for many notable events in the Torah and Old Testament. Similar to Greece, the vine was central to many religious observances and customs. As a result, Israel led the ancient world in grape growing, winemaking, and amphora production. While much of …

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Decanting Tips

When and how to decant wine is one of the most frequently asked questions about wine. It seems like a special superpower ascribed only to sommeliers. But while it might work magic on the taste of a wine, there’s nothing mystical about it.  The premise is simple: exposure to oxygen allows a wine’s aromatic compounds …

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Wine Tasting Basics

Wine Tasting Basics

 Wine Tasting Basics You’ll first need to gather some basic tools. Here are our recommendations. We don’t include decanting in this artcile, but it is recommended. Waiter’s Corkscrew Sometimes also referred to as a wine key, this is the only corkscrew used by professionals. It is lightweight and portable and gives the user the most …

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