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Natural Wines 101

The latest trend in wine is not a trend at all; instead, it’s a return to winemaking in its simplest form. Natural wines eschew commercialization …
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Wine Storage Pros and Cons

The Wine Cellar Myth Wine enthusiasts seem to agree that aging wine is the ne plus ultra of wine expertise.  But what if the whole enterprise was …
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Decanting Tips

When and how to decant wine is one of the most frequently asked questions about wine. It seems like a special superpower ascribed only to …
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Five Wines Loved by Sommeliers

Drink What You Like? “Drink what you like” has become the slogan of the wine cognoscenti. You hear it everywhere: in restaurants and wineries, not to mention …
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Wine Tasting Basics

Wine Tasting Basics

 Wine Tasting Basics You’ll first need to gather some basic tools. Here are our recommendations. We don’t include decanting in this artcile, but it is recommended. …
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This article discusses sustainability as it pertains to the wine industry and provides resources for organizations and certifications around the globe.
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